About Us

caviar_spoonImperial Caviar & Seafood USA is a US based company established in 2012 with the goal of becoming a vertically integrated caviar and roe producer and a world leader in caviar substitute manufacturing. We are an extension of the Canadian caviar manufacturer Imperial Caviar & Seafood.

Imperial Caviar & Seafood is a purveyor of Canadian caviar and roes and  is rapidly becoming a vertically integrated caviar transformer/producer working directly with fisherman and hatcheries all across Canada and the world. From the ocean to your table we are dedicated to work with only the freshest and best resources the world has to offer. Imperial Caviar & Seafood works with hatcheries and fisherman from all over world; Canada, United States, Iceland, Norway, Chile, and much more and processes all products at it’s Montreal, Canada facility into the worlds most succulent roes, caviars and bottarga.

Imperial Caviar & Seafood is a world leader in the global market for caviar substitute manufacturing using ZERO fish product or by-products. Kelp caviar strives in producing only high end products, using top quality ingredients. Our Caviar is 100% vegetarian and made from natural ingredients only.

Imperial Caviar & Seafood meets all hygiene, food safety, and tracking standards drawn in its DCPCA Manual. The Imperial Caviar & Seafood manufacturing facility is FDA approved and CFIA certified and follows a very strict HACCP plan which has been implemented through the CFIA certification.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on Imperial Caviar & Seafood products, bulk purchasing, private label opportunity’s, please click on the link below in order to contact one of our Sales Representatives. Contact Us Today!