Canadian Roes

Canada is surrounded by the largest water bodies in the world, with three ocean and thousands of fresh water lakes. Imperial Caviar & Seafood partnered up with many fisherman and hatcheries to bring to market some of the most popular roes in the world and some less popular ones as well. Imperial caviar & Seafood is proud to transform, process, repack  the following products:


  • Whitefish  – Fresh water lakes
  • Flying Fish – Wild caught
  • Rainbow Trout – Farm raised
  • Salmon – Farm raised and Wild caught
  • Masago – Capelin from wild fisheries
  • Lumpfish – Wild caught


All products are available in bulk format and in retail packaging as well. Imperial Caviar & Seafood produces it’s own products line under the same brand name in 50g glass jars and in very fancy clam shell packaging. The Imperial Caviar & Seafood “ROE” retail product line consists of the following products: Salmon roe, Golden Trout roe, Black and Red Lumpfish, Red and Orange Masago, Whitefish roe, and Sea Urchin roe. All other products are available under private label.

Imperial Roe line up