Frequently Asked Questions


Imperial Caviar & Seafood gets asked many different questions everyday from its customers, retailers, distributors, importers and curious people. We decided to create this section to answer some of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis. If you cannot find your answer here, please use our contact form or simply give us a call.  Imperial Caviar & Seafood strives to offer the best service possible to all its clients around the world.

Imperial Caviar & Seafood is a vertically integrated caviar producer, manufacturer and co-packer. We sell primarily to mass retailers, distributors and importers in all four corners of the world. We produce primarily private labels for many companies around the world. We are also a world leader manufacturer of seaweed based caviar substitute.
Canada is a major source of many types of caviars and roes, but unfortunately most of it goes unprocessed. Imperial Caviar & Seafood has a mission statement to work with fisherman and hatcheries across Canada to buy their resources and process them in some of the worlds most refined caviars (Salmon, Trout, Golden Trout, Whitefish, Pike, Walleye, Sturgeon and much more). Canada also has three sturgeon farms  and has an extremely well regulated wild fisheries for Atlantic and Yellow sturgeons.
Caviar, seafood products and Sturgeon Caviar more specifically are very complex products to ship internationally. In the case of Sturgeon Caviar  a CITES certificate is required for every shipment and therefore too complex for mail orders. Our online shopping was designed to service the Canadian and United States markets, but all our products are available for export to all four corners of the world. The Canadian market is serviced through our Montreal warehouse and the United States through our New Jersey warehouse.
Imperial Caviar & Seafood strives to offer a great and quick service to all its clients by shipping all orders in sequence they were received. All orders received before 2:00pm EST are shipped out the same day via FedEx or ground transportation depending on the size of the order. Orders shipping out with FedEx overnight are shipped out Monday to Thursday. We never ship out on Friday. Call us for any custom shipping needs, instructions or saturday deliveries (where available).
Imperial Caviar & Seafood as a manufacturer/processor can make products available in any size/format required by our clients. Obviously for custom packaging minimum orders are required. Our most common formats are 28g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg, with the 50g format being by far the most popular format for all our caviar products.