Kelp Caviar Benefits

Kelp Caviar products have a fine texture, glossy colour, a great taste and has the same consistency as natural fish eggs. Kelp caviar products offer numerous advantages that regular caviar cannot match.

Kelp Caviar:  Health conscience and environmentally friendly.

Kelp caviar is seaweed based, therefore a vegetable product; it has no calories, no cholesterol and is high in calcium. Kelp Caviar is environmental-friendly as it is manufactured using only kelp seaweed which is available in abundance in our oceans and grows at a rate of two feet per day. The production of Kelp Caviar does not contribute to the depletion of fish stock nor those it depend on the fishing industry. Kelp Caviar is both health conscience and environmentally friendly.


Kelp Caviar: An ingredient in hot and cold dishes.

Kelp Caviar will withstand very high temperatures and will never break down, melt or lose its colour. Kelp Caviar can be whisked into any sauce or dip, baked onto your favourite pizzas or quiches, fried into your scrambled eggs, or simply sprinkled on your favourite salads, oysters, and much more.

Kelp Caviar: No discolouring.

Kelp caviar products do not discolour your dishes the way natural fish eggs do. All colouring agents used in Kelp caviar are 100% natural. That is why you may safely decorate your dish in advance without any risk of altering its appearance. This makes kelp caviar products suitable for the decoration of pasta dishes, hors d’oeuvres, pizzas and much more


Kelp Caviar: 24 months shelf-life with no refrigeration.

Kelp Caviar is the only product on the market which is made with 100% natural ingredients and has a 24 month shelf life. Kelp Caviar will not go bad in your cupboard or on shelf stores as long as the jar is sealed. Once opened, Kelp Caviar will stay fresh up to three months in your refrigerator.