Salmon Roes

Imperial Caviar & Seafood is fast becoming a major player in the global salmon roe/ikura industry. We process in house five different types salmon roe from skein to roe/ikura; Keta/Chum, Pink, Coho, King and Atlantic. We work in direct partnership with the largest fisherman and hatcheries in the world to supply us with the best quality skeins to produce the best quality salmon roe/ikura. From 1kg modified atmosphere packaging to 50g retail format, we pack it all.  Imperial Caviar & Seafood produces it’s own retail product line under the same name, or can produce private labels upon request.


Imperial Caviar & Seafood specialises in the transformation and production of three salmon roe species; Atlantic, Keta (chum) and Pink. Each type of salmon roe has its own qualities and attributes. From 3 to 7 mm, from light orange to red fire color and from soft to hard membrane, you will find a salmon roe that will fit your needs.


Salmon caviar is a seasonal product which is processed between the months of August and November of every year. As much as Imperial Caviar & Seafood keeps a large inventory of salmon roe, it is always sold on a first come first serve basis. Due to the strong global demand for salmon roe, we strongly recommend to reserve your annual required volumes as much in advance as possible.