Sturgeon Caviar

Imperial Sturegon Caviar

Agroittica Lombarda is the undisputed leader in the production of sturgeon caviar in the world, which owns the largest sturgeons farm in Europe. In more than 60 hectares of tanks dedicated to aquaculture are bred the finest varieties of sturgeon; allowing the company to produce more than 20% of the world production of farmed caviar. Imperial Caviar & Seafood is proud to have partnered up with Agroittica Lombarda to represent, import and distribute the Calvisius and Ars Italica sturgeon caviar brands on an exclusive basis in Canada and under the Imperial Caviar & Seafood brand globally. We could provide you with the worlds best quality sturgeon caviar and the widest selection in one location. All products are delivered with CITES certificate to any location in the world.


  • Paddlefish Sturegon Caviar – Polyodon spathula (USA)
  • Da Vinci Adriatic Sturgeon Caviar – Acipenser Nacaarii (ITALY)
  • Classic Oscietra Sturegon Caviar – Acipenser Gueldensteadtii (ITALY)
  • Tradition White Sturgeon Caviar – Acipenser Transmontanus (ITALY)
  • Venise Siberian Sturgeon Caviar – Acipenser Baerii (ITALY)
  • Beluga Sturgeon Caviar – Acipenser Huso Huso (ON SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) (ITALY)


The pursuit of quality supported by the most advanced technology and attention that Agroittica and Italian Caviar Srl., gave birth to the two product lines Calvisius and Ars Italica Calvisius.
Two souls that allowed the Group to be present on the world market with the widest variety of caviar produced entirely in-house. An unforgettable experience for the most discerning palates.

The uniqueness of Calvisius caviar also stems from the use of strictly traditional techniques including the important method “Malossol” Russian word that means “low in salt”. Only then can the Calvisius caviar preserve its unique freshness. It is from more than 25 years that the skilled hands of  Calvisius master salters transform the precious black eggs into something unique, Calvisius: a sustainable luxury for true connoisseurs, aimed at anyone who wants to enjoy a moment of timeless sophistication to treat yourself to an experience unique.